"This product has been the best investment we've made...."

Carlos Cruz, Computer Engineer

"Please do keep up the good work. It's all good, exceptional turn around and responsiveness which will keep me here for a long time coming."


"You guys really are doing an amazing job! My bosses think this product is the best thing since sliced bread! Thanks for making my job so much easier."

J. Brewer

"We are running on a Dell 400cs (yes celeron) with 512 meg ram and a 100g hdd. XWall rocks on this machine in our setup. We are averaging 5000 messages in and 7000 messages out."

M Nold

"I went ahead and purchased it earlier this week, and let me just say, I’m impressed. It was easily installed, and with minimal muddling I found my way around everything."

Dennis D.

"I'm trying out ESATInformer. It's a great product, and I've had lots of positive feedback from my users."

Jim G.

"That ESAT program looks really nice, and I think would make for a great complement to theXWall software. I'll read up on it a little more and most likely will make the purchase of that for my company. You have a great product, and I appreciate the quick turnaround of answers to all of my questions."

Larry B.

"ESATInformer is a great enhancement to XWall. I feel like the guy in the 'sharpening the saw' story that Steven
Covey writes about in his book. I have been so busy that I didn't take time to look at ESATInformer before this week. I should have done it much sooner."

Tom J.


XWall Spam Solution for Exchange

The XWall Exchange edge service is a server based spam filter for Microsoft Exchange and most SMTP mail servers. It's flexibility allows it to be optimized for a great number of situations. You find detailed information towards the end of the page.

XWall supports Microsoft Exchange (5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 including SB versions 32/64bit) and standard SMTP mail servers offers a wide variety of filters to combat spam, junk mail, email viruses, dangerous attachments and many other undesired email situations. XWall may attach disclaimers to outgoing email, and can archive all in and outgoing email. XWall keeps a detailed daily log including several informative statistics. Optional it can fulfill many of the SSL/TLS functions of Cryprofilter. Try the XWall spam filter today on your Exchange server and effectively control spam and viruses in your company's email.

XWall works with many versions of Microsoft OS's Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2011 Standard, Enterprise and Small Business. It also can be placed on a MSH server, XP Pro or Windows 7 Pro workstation. Microsoft may limit the number of connections on some workstation OS'. XWall is available in 32 and 64 bit versions. Experienced Linux users can install XWall using Wine.


August 2012 XWall 3.48 released

See below a list of new features.

July 2011 XWall 3.47 released

August 17th 2010 - We are ready when you are supporting the latest version of Exchange and Server OS including 32 and 64 bit version.

January 20th 2010 - Fight spam, use XWALL 3.45. The new XWall release 3.45 not only supplies you with additional spam fighting tools it's adding extra precautions to avoid any false positives. Check it out yourself and go for the 30 day trail available in 32 or 64 versions.

October 7th 2009 - Forced outbound TLS. This option is not new to XWall. But there is some new interest in this feature. If you like details how to setup a forced TLS connection to some particular domain(s)

August 8th 2008 - BACKSCATTER Blocking. Xwall 3.43 successfully blocks fake none delivery receipts and system messages in it's current Beta release. You can download the Beta from our support site and install the files in your current XWall folder.

Great reasons to install XWall email control

  1. Thousands of satisfied customers can't be wrong.

  2. Spam and Viruses do not enter your mail server and distribution environment.

  3. You have multiple filters: RBL, SURBL, SPF, Greylisting, Bayes, Heuristic, Tests block, etc.

  4. The XWall CCS central server protects you from treats you don't know yet.

  5. New spam may requite new methods. XWall updates keeps you filter in top shape.

  6. You have server license for unlimited users and multiple domains.

  7. You get user spam reports, blocked mesasage retrieval and admin overview reports via email.

  8. SMTP firewall protects against attacks and open relay.

  9. XWall excludes corporate or individual automatic senders.

  10. XWall adds automatic outgoing disclaimer to messages.

  11. Xwall works independently of exchange or mail server version.

  12. Software or hardware solutions are available.

XWall fights current spam issues


Xwall successfully blocks fake none delivery receipts and system messages in it's current Beta release. You can download the Beta from our support site and install the files in your current XWall folder.

ECARD VARIANT welcome letter.

The first variant of the Ecard Zombie showed up in my Inbox today. It thanks you for signing up and includes a link to a website .... bad news of course. But there is good news. Your current Xwall (3.29+) can block the ip address. Add a string http://#.#.#.# in admin-> option-> blocking-> html

ECARD greeting card spam is presenting new issues.

Some Ecard messages are downloading zombie viruses by just opening the message. What makes it worse currently the virus is undetectable by most virus scanner. We recommend that you add subject blocks in XWall for words like ecard, postcard, greetingcard, school-mate, familymember, class-mate and so on. Many of these fake ecard messages are caught already by the CCS, SLS and SURBL filters.

PDF the latest spam vehicle It seems the spamers figured out that you consider PDF as save to pass through your spam filter. You can't just block PDF's or you loose invoices, documents and other things typically emailed as PDF. The PDF issue is addresses in the current XWall beta releases and you find additional help in the forum under Image Spam.

XWall stays on top of spam with frequent updates and new features.

XWall version 3.48 2012-08-06

  • Compiled with ASLR (address space randomization) and NX (no execution)

  • Support status query using Nagios

  • Verify a certificate using the CommonName and the subjectAltName

  • Connection cache to Exchange (OutboundExchConnectionCache=True)

  • Global exclusion for TLS required sender (InboundExclTLSRequired=True)

  • Enhanced TLS peer certificate verification (OutboundSMTPTLSVerify=True)

  • Prevent test for On-Access scanner at startup (VirusScannerOnAccessStartupCheck=False)

  • SPF reject during the SMTP session only on FAIL, even when SOFTFAIL or NEUTRAL is enabled (InboundBlockSPFSMTPLevelOnlyFail=True)

  • Drop connection based on blocked host name

  • Support for Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)

  • Heuristic scans for word with upper chars like ThereAreHugeDiscountOnTheseDrugs

  • Zip archive with an unsupported compression method is handled like a password protected zip archive

  • The Format column in the statistic file indicates a IPv6 connection

XWall 3.46 Supports Exchange 2010 & Server 2011

  • New: Options->Global Exclude->Exclude dnswl

  • New: Blacklist

  • ( )
    New: SMIME verbose output for certificate rule (VerboseSMIMECert=True)

  • New: The Format column in the statistic file indicates a TLS connection

  • New: SPF detect useless record "v=spf1 +all"

  • New: Checking on-demand virus is at startup

  • New: Switches for ClamAV virus scanner

  • New: Native support for ClamAV (VirusScannerClamAVNative=True)

  • New: Remove HTML format only when there is a script (InboundRemoveHTMLScript=True)

  • New: Send information message after restart and startup ( SendStartupAlways=True )

  • New: White list domain based in ISP Edition (OutboundAddressWhiteListDomainBased=True)

  • New: CCS acts as a global heuristic spam repository

  • New: Closing connection after some "relaying denied"

  • New: Disable automatic fix of recipient email address (InboundESMTPRepairInvalidRecipient=False)

  • New: Reject self-sending-spam during the SMTP session (InboundBlockFromUsSMTPLevel=True)

  • New: Partial support for SPF spf2.0/pra

  • New: Inbound bandwidth limit per message in byte per second (InboundSMTPBandwidthThrottling=16384)

  • New: Outbound bandwidth limit per message in byte per second (OutboundSMTPBandwidthThrottling=16384)

  • New: SMTP with SSL/TLS on port 465 ( as smart host)

XWall 3.45 - New tools for a new year

  • New: View->Statistic

  • New: Callback sender verification Options->Session->Verify

  • New: Sign outbound messages using DomainKey Options->DomainKeys

  • New: Block messages with a invalid DomainKey ( Options->DomainKeys )

  • New: Global exclude messages with a valid DomainKey ( Options->Global Exclude->DomainKeys )

  • New: Remove DomainKey signature for inbound messages ( Options->System->Format )

  • New: Verify and/or remove S/MIME encryption and/or signature for inbound messages ( Options->S/MIME ) (add-on to XWall, extra license needed)

  • New: Block image spam (empty message with a png picture) ( Options->Spam->Image )

  • New: Payload limit for outbound messages ( message size x recipient count ) ( OutboundPayloadLimit=xxx )

  • New: Add the extension of the attachment to the temporary file name with on-access scan VirusScannerOnAccessUseExt=True

  • New: Disable TLS/SSL weak cipher TLSServOmitWeakCipher=True, TLSClientOmitWeakCipher=True
    - New: Country block also checks Hotmail's X-Originating-IP: header line
    - New: ISP Edition may use different DSN From: e-mail addresses for each e-mail or domain

  • New: Options->Session->Greeting delay can be adjusted

  • New:Set limit of bad e-mail addresses in an inbound SMTP session InboundSMTPMaxBadMailSession=x

  • New: Support for RFC 2319 - Ukrainian Character Set KOI8-U


XWall 3.44

  • New: Support for GBK ( Chinese ) codepage

  • New:Block outbound messages that are not from an internal domain (OutboundBlock Address OnlyInternal=True )

  • New: Optional startup delay in the case the virus scanner or DNS server is not starting fast enough ( StartupDelayFresh=5 )

  • New: XWall.ini allows comments using a semicolon

  • New: Comment for every list field

  • New: Send information message after startup ( SendStartup=True )

  • New: Send information message when there was a warning after startup ( SendStartupWarn=True )

  • New: Hide SLS service info in error message; needed for Trend Micro Reputation Service ( InboundESMTPHideSLSInfo=True )

  • New: Warning when ini is read-only or no read-write ACL

  • New: Heuristic checks for text obfuscation with HTML tags in plain text

  • New: Verbose logging for disclaimer ( VerboseDisclaimer=True )

  • New: The logfile shows which e-mail template was used to block an e-mail address

  • New: Recommended SLS/RBL

Don't forget to check our ongoing developments in the Beta release section.


The XWall spam filter is compatible with all professional versions of Windows and Windows servers including the 2011 releases and the Microsoft Small Business edition servers series with 32bit or 64 bit core. XWall may also be used with Notes, Groupwise and other non-Windows environments. This however requires that XWall is installed on a separate machine running Windows.

XWall supports all versions of Microsoft Exchange Server including 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. XWall can be installed on the same machine as Exchange or on a separate system. The system can be inside or outside your network. Often XWall is used as a SMTP firewall in the DMZ. XWall supports SMTP mail servers including Lotus Notes, Novell Groupwise, Imail and many others.


The XWall email spam filter is found in situations ranging from a handful of users to large scale cluster servers handling 15,000+ mail accounts. A single XWall server often filters the mail for an entire school district or university. The licensing is per server based. One Exchange server requires one XWall license.

A special XWall ISP is available to ISPs and ISP-like operations. It allows filtering all email for the ISP and forwarding it to multiple servers located at the ISP.


The XWall setup is painless and does not install any plug-ins nor does it hook to your Exchange server. Xwall can be put in the mail stream or removed from it with a simple port switch. The install wizard automatically configures XWall for your system asking only a minimal number of questions.

XWall is server based, installs in front of your Exchange server and does not require any software on the client system. XWall may function as application or as service on any NT class system.


While other spam filters may also filter the mail in front of exchange they send it right to it after filtering it. You still end up with all the headaches and capacity issues. XWall with the ESAT option keeps all the spam outside your Exchange or SMTP mail server. Yet the users are informed about any blocked email and can retrieve it. This feature is available for all mail systems and not limited to some versions of Exchange. The spam gets automatically deleted after a preset (by you) time.


Xwall features a long list of filter and mail handling components. It's not just all about spam. Xwall offers features like outgoing e-mail disclaimers, outgoing e-mail encryption and signing. Read more


We feel that while spam may be fascinating to some, you probably have better things to do. XWall features a great number of automated filters and features. XWall offers SLS, RBL, SURBL, Heuristic (a.k.a. Spamassasin) Bayes, Greylisting, Phishing, White list SLS, SPF, CCS (Central Checksum Service), Country block by IP, auto white listing for individuals or company wide, auto disclaimer, auto encription and auto retrieval. XWall can automatically archive all in and outgoing emails.

Evaluation & Purchase

A full featured evaluation of XWall & ESATInformer can be downloaded. If you would like to purchase a license please visit our online store page for information.

Support & Updates

Support is available via toll free phone to all Ceratec customers. We also offer a helpdesk, email and our busy XWall.US Forum. We also offer a large FAQ section and the right answer is never far away, including any pre-sales question you may have.

XWall is constantly undergoing changes to keep up with the spammers. You may download these updates free of charge. If you like to be active in the fight of spam we will be happy to notify you of Beta releases.

The CCS (Central Checksum Service) is an annual paid subscription service. The cost is $149.00

Where to install

XWall can reside on your exchange server or most windows-based mail servers. Or you can run Xwall on its own box which allows you to operate cross platform with almost any mail server.


XWall Exchange Spam Filter Components...
XWall uses a variety of filters to keep spam out of your MS Exchange server and we "mean out of exchange." While others may mark spam and then dump it right into your mail system we keep your system clean and use a unique system to prevent any false positives.

RBL for Exchange server SLS (Spam Listing Service) RBL
XWall supports several Relay Black Lists (RBL) services right out of the box ( Spamcop, Spamhaus). To insure minimal false positives, you may enable group testing. A group contains 2 or more spam services. The e-mail is only considered spam if it fails all members of the group. If a message is considered spam, XWall lets you choose several different actions. These actions are independent of other filters. more....

SURBL for Exchange Server SURBL Hurts the Spammers Pocketbook
The SURBL has evolved from the SLS services. Unlike testing the SMTP ports for open relays, the SURBL service lists the spam supported web sites. XWall searches the e-mail for links to web sites. When it finds a link, it checks with SURBL if that site is listed. This filter is very effective stopping pharmacy spam.

Greylisting  filter in XWall Greylisting Stops Millions...
The Greylisting Filter is simple and effective by nature. The filter stops any message from an unknown source and issues a "temporary mail handling problem". The typical RFC compatible SMTP server will retry delivery and XWall will let the message pass. Most spammers, however, will or cannot re-send the message. For more information check this link.

Backscatter (NFR) blocking
Xwall successfully blocks fake none delivery receipts and system messages. The Xwall spam filter analyses header information and other vital data to determine if it's a true or fake system message.

Xwall Heuristic Fiilter Heuristic Filter: a.k.a. "Spamassassin™
The Heuristic filter is calculating the possibility of the message being spam by considering a number of factors like words, subject, headers and more. Unlike the Bayes filter, it does not need to learn and can be implemented right out of the box. For best protection, we recommend to use both the Heuristic and the Bayes learning filter.

XWall Bayesian Filter The Bayesian Filter (Bayes)
This filter is a major step forward. To fully understand this filter, we recommend reading Paul Graham's White Paper. In addition, XWall also contains an exclude table. It allows you to let a user or a domain send mail through the filter even if they are on a black list or have criteria which filters would catch. As with the other two filters, the Bayesian filter offers an exclude table as well as an independent action table.

XWall Central Checksum Service The XWall Central Checksum Service
Now there is a new way of handling unknown virus treads and the pesky stock quote spam attacks. The new CENTRAL CHECKSUM SERVICE filter in XWall is just the tool you have been waiting for. We've seen many viruses literally outrun the virus scanner. At best, one of the Norton's & Co. would claim to be the fastest to stop the virus, but that was after the virus did billions in damage. The XWall Central Checksum Service is very different and much faster.

Sender Permitted Filtering The Sender Permitted Filtering (SPF)
Once Microsoft endorsed SPF (Sender Permitted Filtering) it has rapidly gained acceptance. The filter checks a text record in the DNS record. This text record tells the filters which domains are permitted to send email from that server. The more admins add the record to their own domains the better the filter will work. For more information check

The Phishing Filter The Phishing Filter
Phishing is the new buzzword. You did hear about it in the news. Basically, it's Spam with a criminal element added. These email seem to come from your bank, Ebay and so on. XWall examines each email for signs of Phishing. lt detects false links where the displayed link is different from the real one. It also detects senders that do not send from the correct servers.

The XWall virus scanner The Virus Scanner in XWall
Virus scans for Exchange are expensive. A standard scanner typically will not work to scan email at the server. The problem is the mime encoded message hides the virus from the scanner. XWall assembles the message and an inexpensive on-access scanner like F-prot, E-Trust, Norton, McAfee, Panda and many others cannow find the virus. Not only do you save money, but if you don't like one scanner simply use another one. Or look at the scanner scripts you can use with Xwall and take email virus scannng to the next level. Read more...

tar pitting The Tar Pitting Filter
Tar pitting is used to prevent address harvesting attacks. It's done by adding delays in certain SMTP functions making it too time consuming for the attacker to find valid addresses.

XWall Blocking Filters The Blocking Filters
The Blocking filters are the manual filter components in XWall. These filters include blocks by:

  • Mail from specific e-mail addresses
  • Domain blocks
  • Host blocks
  • IP blocks
  • Text or subject strings and words
  • Dangerous attachment blocks (your list)
  • Exploits - double ext., CLSID ext., Password protected zips, ect.
  • Character sets (Common Russia, China, Korea, etc.)
  • IP addresses by Country
  • Header
  • HTML
  • AutoIP
  • Recipient
  • Unknown user.

Each of the blocks has its own action filter and exclude table. It allows you to customize XWall to your needs.

Sender Permitted Filtering What if XWall Finds Spam?
SPAM ROUTING: If XWall finds spam or junk mail content XWall offers a variety of options to handle the undesirable mail:

  • Discard Message
  • Stop message and keep a copy for xx days for retrieval
  • Send a non-delivery report to the sender
  • Mark subject
  • Mark subject and move to junk mail folder
  • Forward to the Postmaster
  • Encapsulate and forward to the Postmaster
  • Encapsulate and send the the recipient
  • Encapsulate and send the the recipient without attachment
  • Forward to recipient.

These options are individually selectable for each filter.

SMTP Relay Control Complete SMTP Relay Control
Worried about ending up on a open relay list yourself? XWall does offer SMTP relay to your in-house and external users. The SMTP relay in XWall can be protected in many ways. It will start by disabling the relay all together if you don't need to relay, or you can authenticate all users through NTML (NT/ Win2000 domain users). Also, you may set a general user name and password, and you can restrict access to certain IP address ranges.

Sender Permitted Filtering Automatic Sender Permission
Automatic whitelisting is a great feature available in XWall. It automatically adds the e-mail address of every outgoing message to the exclude list. The reasoning behind this idea is that if you send e-mail to someone, it's likely that you want that person to be able to reply. It's a very welcome feature if you implement more aggressive RBLs™. The Auto white list can be kept company-wide or for individual users.

DNS Whitelist DNS Whitelist & Bonded Sender™ Programs
Bonded Sender works like a SLS/RBL blacklist, except in reverse. XWall supports Bonded Sender and many other DNS and Domain-based whitelist services.

email disclaimer E-Mail Disclaimer Notice
Do you need to make sure all outgoing email has your legal disclaimer? XWall will attach such a disclaimer to all outbound mail. You can have different email disclaimers for different users. It can be plain text or HTML.

Se-mail encryption E-mail Encryption & Signing
Want to S/MIME sign outgoing mail? XWall can do it for you. But instead of tracking down every Outlook you only need to install the certificate in XWall. How about encrypted email? Is this true for encrypted email? Yes - XWall is able to encrypt your email at the server level.

admin reports and charts Daily Performace Reports
Using the ESATInformer optional add-on gives you an inside look at your spam situation. You see where spam comes from and where is goes. You see how effective your filter settings are and you see what messages your users retrieve.

spam reports User Spam Reports
ESATInformer prevents false positives in a dramatic way. All or selected users receive a spam report every day. The report is clearly formatted and shows all the message senders and subjects. The user then can retrieve any message he needs.

False Positive  retrieval Automatic Blocked Message Retrieval
ESATInformer allows the user to automatically retrieve messages blocked by XWall unless the message contained a virus or dangerous attachment. The process utilizes ESAT's web interface or Pop3 mail box.

False Positive  retrieval Increase Mail Server Efficiency
Spam free server is not a buzzword. Unlike many other spam solutions the XWall / ESAT combination keeps the detected spam out of your Exchange or mail server and automatically deletes it after a set number of days. Just imagine how your Exchange performs with 80% less mail load. ... and how about the backup? It will take a fraction of the current time and tape.

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