SMTP Mail Server with POP3 & Webmail

This is an easy-to-set-up e-mail server. Enable advanced features as you go. I started out downloading the catchall POP3 mail from my first hosted domain years ago with SMTPBeamer. Today, I use SMTPBeamer on my Windows 2003 Web server. It handles the mail for all my domains and the domains I host. You can setup SMTPBeamer yourself.

APPLICATION: Bring your e-mail in house. SMTPBeamer is the perfect SMTP mail server to process all your e-mail. No matter if you're a large organization or a small start-up company. Our proven, multi-tread technology receives and delivers e-mail to all mail clients. The SMTPBeamer with all it's features represents an incredible value. Don't overload your budget with an expensive Exchange server. Right out of the box, SMTPBeamer matches many of the Exchange servers' e-mail processing capabilities and offers important additional features not found in any version of Exchange. SMTPBeamer will handle your SMTP mail. In addition, it can do scheduled downloads of POP3 accounts from multiple hosted domains and integrates the messages with the rest of the mail.

PLATFORMS: The SMTPBeamer is a reliable 32-bit mail distribution system that runs on all Windows platforms 2000, XP Pro, Vista Business or Windows 7 workstation and NT4, 2000, 03, 08, 11 server. Running on a XP/7/Vista pro system or any server will allow you to run SMTPBeamer as a service.

INTERFACES: SMTPBeamer offers all the standard mail interfaces like POP3/SMTP/HTTP (WEB). The SMTPBeamer is very versatile and adaptable to you situation.

While it receives and processes SMTP mail like other mail servers, it also can import all the POP3 boxes you maintain on your hosted domains. SMTPBeamer mailbox users can access their mail with just about any mail program or equipment. No matter if it's a Windows machine, a MAC, a Linux system, a PDA or even an e-mail appliance, they all can connect to it.

PICKUP/IMPORT POP3 MAIL: SMTPBeamer can pick up an unlimited number of POP3 mailboxes anywhere in the world. Your company may use web hosts with catchall POP3 accounts. SMTPBeamer can download, import and route the mail on a predefined schedule. This schedule includes weekday and time span and interval control. SMTPBeamer can make it's own connection to your ISP via modem if required. Of course, it will function best through your network.

POP MAIL ROUTING: SMTPBeamer offers extensive mail routing. Mail from any of your domains may be automatically routed to the individual mailboxes or the mail from a domain can be routed in one mailbox.

MAIL FORWARDING, COPY-TO: You may forward e-mail for one mailbox to multiple mailboxes or e-mail addresses. Create Alias mail boxes like info, sales, accounting and forward to multiple individual mailboxes or valid e-mail addresses.

SPAM RELAY SUPPORT: SMTPBeamer supports several RBL services right out of the box. Spamhaus, ORBD and Spamcop are preconfigured for your convenience. Select one, two or all and add more if you like.

VIRUS SCANNER: SMTPBeamer integrates many file-based virus scanners you may already own. Since SMTPBeamer assembles the message, the virus gets exposed and a regular file scanner will be able to identify it. Just this fact alone can save you lots of money.

PROTECTED SMTP RELAY: The last thing you want to happen these days is ending up on a spam service list yourself. SMTPBeamer offers a variety of options which prevents any misuse of your SMTP relay. You may limit the IMP address range or have all users authenticated via NTLM (domain authentication).

OUT-OF-OFFICE: Notification can be set and removed by the individual users when they go on vacation.

LOG FEATURES: SMTPBeamer will log all events in a daily log file (text file format). These files can be set to overwrite after a set period of time. The log shows detailed information of every process running. In a second file, the SMTPBeamer writes statistical information in a CVS file format. In addition to these analytic tools, SMTPBeamer can archive every message processed. This feature gains importance with governments starting to require mail archiving.

UNLIMITED USERS: Yes, SMTPBeamer is licensed per server, not per user. You pay the same for five users as you do for 500 users. Best of all, it's affordable even for five users.

TECH SUPPORT: The EmailProfessor tech support offers phone, e-mail and fax support for our US and Canadian customers. This includes pre-sales support for the USA and Canada. You will find our contact information on the bottom of all pages. Additional tech support via e-mail is available directly from DataEnter.

VERSIONS & LICENSING SMTPBeamer is sold per server. No tricky user or domain licensing. No Lite, Standard or Pro version. The cost of owning SMTPBeamer is not hidden behind a limited version. How many times have you seen ads for $59.95 mail servers just to find out that a license configured to your needs cost hundreds or thousands more? Get SMTPBeamer, and what you see is what you get. We feel everybody deserves only the best. SMTPBeamer allows you to ease into your own mail server, and it grows with your needs at no additional cost. All features are available to you from the start.

HISTORY: Since it's introduction seven years ago, SMTPBeamer has been the leading innovator in the Windows mail server market. SMTPBeamer does not cost thousands like the competition. However, the list of features compares very well to the more expensive servers. DataEnter does an excellent job keeping it that way. Updates over the years keep improving the SMTPBeamer's functionality.