BASICS: POPBeamer functions as an inbound POP3 (including secure POP3) and IMAP connector for any version of Microsoft Exchange and most other mail servers. It basically converts POP3 email back to SMTP.

APPLICATION: Unlike similar products POPBeamer does not modify your Microsoft Exchange in any way. POPBeamer collects messages from an unlimited number of POP3 or IMAP accounts and routes them to your Exchange or mail server. It does that by individually scheduled events. This allows you to set priorities and manage hundreds of pickups. Once the mail is picked up POPBeamer can auto detect the destination mailbox or you can custom route to your current sales person.

SECURITY CONSIDERATIONS: Today, POPBeamer's features are valuable additions to network security. Its POP3 import feature allows you to pipe all POP3 e-mail through your SMTP server. POPBeamer downloads and converts all your POP3 accounts outside your network and converts them to SMTP e-mail. At that state, you can filter, virus scan and route them just like the rest of your mail. If you locate the POPBeamer on a system outside your firewall, you could even block port 110 on your router. Having all mail go through one mail filter and distribution process has been known to reduce virus outbreaks dramatically. To often, individual users turn off their e-mail virus scans, or their anti virus software is not updated.

POPBeamer is a really great POP3 e-mail gateway forMicrosoft Exchange. It addresses many Exchange problems such as downloading messages from a hosted domain. Many companies prefer to have their site hosted instead having an IS machine on site. POPBeamer allows you to have a hosted site and an internal Exchange server. It downloads the messages from your hosted catchall account and routes the messages to the individual users of your company via the Exchange server.

COMPATIBILITY: POPBeamer can operate on the Microsoft Exchange server or a seperate machine running Server 2000, 03, 08, 11 or any Microsoft workstation OS. It supports any Microsoft Exchange server (2000, 03, 07, 10 including SB).

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