Product Releases & News

Current Versions

XWall 3.46 32/64 bit versions for Server 2000, 03,08,11 can also be run on XP Pro, Vista and Windows 7 Pro. for Exchange 5, 2000, 03, 07 Lotus Notes and many other SMTP servers

ESATInformer 1.33 DotNet 1.1 dependend. ESAT 3.0 Dotnet 3.5 available for Beta testing soon.

CryptoFilter 3.02 32/64 bit versions for Server 2000, 03,08,11. for Exchange 5, 2000, 03, 07 Lotus Notes and many other SMTP servers

SMTPBeamer 3.47 SMTP Mail server 32/64 bit versions for Server 2000, 03,08,11 can also be run on XP Pro, Vista and Windows 7 Pro.

POPBeamer 3.51 integrates POP3 outside mailbox into Exchange 32/64 bit versions for Server 2000, 03,08,11


New Inovations
CryptoFilter Email Security Gateway for Microsoft Exchange

CryptoFilter is a pass-through S/MIME gateway for Exchange and other SMTP servers. CryptoFilter provides S/MIME decryption, encryption, sign and verification at the edge



XWall 3.46 Supports Exchange 2010 & Server 2011

  • New: Options->Global Exclude->Exclude dnswl

  • New: Blacklist

  • ( )
    New: SMIME verbose output for certificate rule (VerboseSMIMECert=True)

  • New: The Format column in the statistic file indicates a TLS connection

  • New: SPF detect useless record "v=spf1 +all"

  • New: Checking on-demand virus is at startup

  • New: Switches for ClamAV virus scanner

  • New: Native support for ClamAV (VirusScannerClamAVNative=True)

  • New: Remove HTML format only when there is a script (InboundRemoveHTMLScript=True)

  • New: Send information message after restart and startup ( SendStartupAlways=True )

  • New: White list domain based in ISP Edition (OutboundAddressWhiteListDomainBased=True)

  • New: CCS acts as a global heuristic spam repository

  • New: Closing connection after some "relaying denied"

  • New: Disable automatic fix of recipient email address (InboundESMTPRepairInvalidRecipient=False)

  • New: Reject self-sending-spam during the SMTP session (InboundBlockFromUsSMTPLevel=True)

  • New: Partial support for SPF spf2.0/pra

  • New: Inbound bandwidth limit per message in byte per second (InboundSMTPBandwidthThrottling=16384)

  • New: Outbound bandwidth limit per message in byte per second (OutboundSMTPBandwidthThrottling=16384)

  • New: SMTP with SSL/TLS on port 465 ( as smart host)

XWall 3.45 - New tools for a new year

  • New: View->Statistic

  • New: Callback sender verification Options->Session->Verify

  • New: Sign outbound messages using DomainKey Options->DomainKeys

  • New: Block messages with a invalid DomainKey ( Options->DomainKeys )

  • New: Global exclude messages with a valid DomainKey ( Options->Global Exclude->DomainKeys )

  • New: Remove DomainKey signature for inbound messages ( Options->System->Format )

  • New: Verify and/or remove S/MIME encryption and/or signature for inbound messages ( Options->S/MIME ) (add-on to XWall, extra license needed)

  • New: Block image spam (empty message with a png picture) ( Options->Spam->Image )

  • New: Payload limit for outbound messages ( message size x recipient count ) ( OutboundPayloadLimit=xxx )

  • New: Add the extension of the attachment to the temporary file name with on-access scan VirusScannerOnAccessUseExt=True

  • New: Disable TLS/SSL weak cipher TLSServOmitWeakCipher=True, TLSClientOmitWeakCipher=True
    - New: Country block also checks Hotmail's X-Originating-IP: header line
    - New: ISP Edition may use different DSN From: e-mail addresses for each e-mail or domain

  • New: Options->Session->Greeting delay can be adjusted

  • New:Set limit of bad e-mail addresses in an inbound SMTP session InboundSMTPMaxBadMailSession=x

  • New: Support for RFC 2319 - Ukrainian Character Set KOI8-U


XWall 3.44

  • New: Support for GBK ( Chinese ) codepage

  • New:Block outbound messages that are not from an internal domain (OutboundBlock Address OnlyInternal=True )

  • New: Optional startup delay in the case the virus scanner or DNS server is not starting fast enough ( StartupDelayFresh=5 )

  • New: XWall.ini allows comments using a semicolon

  • New: Comment for every list field

  • New: Send information message after startup ( SendStartup=True )

  • New: Send information message when there was a warning after startup ( SendStartupWarn=True )

  • New: Hide SLS service info in error message; needed for Trend Micro Reputation Service ( InboundESMTPHideSLSInfo=True )

  • New: Warning when ini is read-only or no read-write ACL

  • New: Heuristic checks for text obfuscation with HTML tags in plain text

  • New: Verbose logging for disclaimer ( VerboseDisclaimer=True )

  • New: The logfile shows which e-mail template was used to block an e-mail address

  • New: Recommended SLS/RBL



There are new developments at Sidebit. David is moving ESAT onto the current DotNet platform. He still considers going with Java in a future release to gain platform independence.