BASICS: ESATInformer designed for XWall virtually eliminates the "false positive" problem. Daily reports are sent to the email system administrator and all selected users. These reports summarize the spam problem and list each users blocked messages. Using these reports, users can request delivery of any false positives. The request is handled automatically with a summary report sent to the email administrator. With the "false positive" problem out of the way, the XWall spam filters can be tightened to all but completely eliminate spam

APPLICATION: Unlike the Exchange Spam folder which allows the user to wast company time inviting even more spam with ESATInformer the admin stays in control. The ESAT Admin report supports the administrator to make the correct adjustment to the XWall spam filter.

Top Ten Reasons For ESATInformer

  1. ESAT gives you a clear picture of your mail situation.
  2. Allows users to mark and automaticly retrieve false positivies.
  3. Your users can see first hand all the spam kept away from them.
  4. Daily reports shows the preformance for each of the 21 available Xwall filters. The admin can tighten up the filters..
  5. No need for a junkmail folder and you don't waste 90% of your Exchange capacity with useless spam.
  6. No user junk mail folder. These just wast space on your server and allow users to respond to junk mail, increasing the overall problem and wasting company time.
  7. You won't kill a user because you spent hours looking for a message that turns out to be spam.
  8. The User spam report with its scoring feature actually educates users to recognize Spam.
  9. The Retriever report alerts the admin to consider possible exclusion and adjustments.
  10. Detect mail abuse by the users.

ESAT adds value

As an XWall administrator you are already doing a great job fighting spam. With ESATInformer you can do an even better job. Information that would otherwise be hidden away in XWall statistics log files is delivered daily to your inbox. With this extra knowledge you can find the perfect XWall filter settings.

You receive daily reports detailing the spam problem on a user by user basis. For more detail how these reports look check the screen shots. If you like, also receive summary reports for any messages your users request from the XWall email archive. All of this information is delivered to you via email automatically.

Selected users receive a report listing blocked messages. The messages are sorted in order of spam potential. On top of the list are messages that failed to pass one spam filter. On the bottom of the list are the messages getting blocked by several filters, often 4 or more. This order makes it even easier for the user to spot a messages blocked in error. Should the user find such a message he or she can request delivery of the blocked message with a few mouse clicks. The requested message is delivered automatically to the user and the administrator receives a summary that helps him to improve the Spam filter. This feature virtually eliminates the "false positive" problem. Your C.E.O. stops worrying about that lost email order. Your users don't complain that you're blocking important messages because they see what is blocked. They also see how much spam your XWall is keeping out of their way.