As the financial sector and governments more frequently require the messages to be digitally signed and encrypted the email admin faces a a huge new task. This adds literally miles to the job description. Typically encryption is done at the email client. Often a visit to the workstation is required for installation or training of the user. Cryptofilter not only saves you the trip and frustration but it's central management gives you new opportunities in handling secure email and can reduce the cost and numbers of certificates.

BASICS: CryptoFilter encrypts all messages between two servers with a single certificate. While sounding simple its a great tool for any admin that has to go from user to user to setup email encryption on individual machines. CryptoFilter allows you to do that on your Exchange server or any other SMTP server Any SMTP server like IMail, Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise. This is a real time and money saver and takes the encryption task out or the often confused end user.

APPLICATION: CryptoFilter can be placed on your Exchange server or on a separate system. It intercepts the incoming messages in front of Exchange and , processes / passes the emails onto Exchange.CryptoFilter decrypts messages to enable spam and virus scanning. CryptoFilter encrypt and sign outgoing messages at the server using a single certificate. CryptoFilter will validates the signature and optionally reject messages at the server.


OPTIONAL: CryptoFilter can act as eBilling / eInvoice signature server and keeps a copy of every encrypted message.

COMPATIBILITY: CryptoFilter can operate as a service on any Microsoft 32 or 64 bit server OS including 2000, 03, 08, 11 and supports English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

DOWNLOAD: CryptoFilter is available in our download section.

XWall: If you are using XWall you can add CryptoFilter as an option in your XWall.